• March 20, 2013

Welcome to My Place in Wales!

This site will act as a hub for a group of related projects concerned with recording and understanding the place-names of Wales. In its early stages it will bring together three sets of data: (1) all the names from the Ordnance Survey 6 inch to a mile maps, collected by the Wales 1900 crowdsourcing project; (2) a database of the earliest forms of all the historic settlement names in Wales, compiled at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies; (3) the huge archive of place-name forms collected by Professor Melville Richards and held at the University of Bangor.

In due course it will be possible to search across all of this data by text, and some of it by map interfaces. The long-term aim is to add more and more to the collection, from maps, documents and oral collection. Interpretation, discussion and analysis of parts of the material will follow. Place-name records are an invaluable source for language, history, landscape and community in Wales. And the data will have other uses too: we are, in effect, constructing a huge historical index to the collections of the National Library of Wales, the records of the Royal Commission, etc.

We need your help! Wales 1900 is a crowdsourcing project – check out the link to see how you can help gather the data. And it is the tip of an iceberg. We are delighted to be working in conjunction with the Welsh Place-Name Society, which was established in 2011 with a view to promoting the study and preservation of the country’s place-names. The Society’s activities are described under their tab here; other projects are under development by one or other of the partners. If you have an interest in the place-name heritage of Wales, then do join in, either as part of one of the projects that we set up, or on your own initiative. You will shortly find details of how to submit data under the ‘Get Involved’ tab. You can do this simply as an individual, or we are happy to work with projects to tailor a data-form for particular source-material.

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